Ball-Jointed Doll – Original


Dolls v.2.5 share the same body type and are cast in either opaque or translucent polyurethane resin of different colors and sometimes with special surface effects:

  • Opaque: Dolls in opaque polyurethane resin. Possible colors: snow white and all light pastel tints.
  • Translucent: Dolls in translucent polyurethane resin with uniform color. Possible colors: anything you can think of.
  • Glow: A phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark powder is added to doll’s body parts during casting process. Charge under sunlight or artificial light for a few minutes. Glow time varies between 15 minutes and a few hours. Possible colors of glow: blue or green. Please note that glow powders are colored and give the doll body’s surface their own tint.
  • Gradient: Doll body colors transition from one to another, sometimes with a mixture of the two in-between. Possible colors: anything you can think of in translucent or opaque resin.
  • Rust: An intricate process of creating a doll with real metal rust. The doll’s body is cast in opaque polyurethane resin with a thin layer of metal powder on the surface. After that, chemical patina is applied to parts to give the doll an antique, rusted metal look. Parts are then thoroughly cleaned of residual chemicals and sealed with metal finishing wax. High points are lightly sanded to reveal underlying shiny metal. Possible colors: copper and bronze.
  • Custom: Please contact us directly to discuss unique plans and ideas for your doll.

Doll bodies are cast seamlessly with soft matte surface . When made with translucent resin, it resembles frosted glass.

Other features include bespoke silicone inserts in almost every joint for smooth and stable movement out of the box, as well as magnetic detachable hands and feet.
You can also easily swap face/hairplates thanks to the neck locking nut system standard for all v.2.5 dolls.

One faceplate and one standard blank hairplate are included for the doll (with the exception of Core character which has a unique construction). Each doll comes with a special cabochon for authentication cast in resin of the same color scheme as the corresponding doll with a visible number and a date of creation inside.


Height: about 40 cm (15.7 in.) – depends on face/hairplates installed.
Shoulder width: 64 mm (2.3 in.)
Chest circumference: 14cm (5.5 in.)
Waist circumference: 19.5 cm (7.4 in.)
Feet length (sole): 57 mm (1.97 in.)