Original Ball-Jointed Doll #116


Original ball-jointed doll by Nihilum Doll House (number 116) with a Horns faceplate in translucent dark purple to green gradient. Tips of horns glow in the dark in green color. To achieve a bright glow in the dark, leave in the sun or under lamp light for a few minutes.

Translucent doll bodies are cast seamlessly with soft matte surface which resembles frosted glass.
Other features include silicone inserts in joints for smooth and stable movement out of the box, as well as magnetic hands and feet.
You can also easily swap face/hairplates thanks to the neck locking nut system standard for all v.2.5 dolls.

One faceplate and one standard blank hairplate are included for the doll.


Height: about 40 cm (15.7 in.) – depends on face/hairplates installed.
Shoulder width: 64 mm (2.3 in.)
Chest circumference: 14cm (5.5 in.)
Waist circumference: 19.5 cm (7.4 in.)
Feet length (sole): 57 mm (1.97 in.)

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